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Chavistas Volunteer In The Community

Club Members Volunteer For Canyon Clean-ups and Community Events

Fall 2018 Club Activities

A key element of the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs is to teach our Chavistas the importance of community service. One of the Ten Values of Cesar Chavez is "Sacrifice for Others" which means always giving yourself to your family and your community, even if it means enduring great hardships and difficulties, like volunteering on a Saturday. During our Club meetings, Chavistas discuss how this value gets applied in our lives and that to be a leader one needs to be involved in the community in a positive way.

Many of our Chavistas, especially those from Monroe Clark and a few from Hoover High, have been participating with Canyon Lands in cleaning Swan Canyon & Manzanita Canyon. Here are some Chavistas who helped clean Swan Canyon on Saturday October 6th, 2018.

Chavistas also volunteered to pull unwanted weeds from Manzanita Canyon in order to help native plants grow this past Saturday October 20th, 2018. Chavistas were also able to take pictures of bugs and insects on their trail walk through Manzanita Canyon with the help of Ocean Discovery.

Our Chavistas from Central Elementary School have also been busy. On Wednesday October 24th, Central Chavistas participated in their school's Fall Festival. The principal at Central donated Central school shirts for the Chavistas to sell during the Festival. Our Chavistas made signs in Spanish, English and Vietnamese the day before during their Chavista meeting and decided to sell shirts at $5.00 each. The Chavistas not only tended to their stand but took turns walking around with their signs to promote their stand. Their efforts paid off, the Central Chavistas raised $190.00 for their school during the Festival.

Wednesday October 24th, 2018, the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs participated in the Housing & Ballot Forum hosted by Mid-City CAN at Cherokee Point Elementary. Chavistas discussed housing issues during club meetings and then were invited to volunteer and to bring their parents to this event to get more information on the propositions that were on the ballot. About 12 Chavistas showed up from Hoover High School, Edison Elementary, & Cherokee Point Elementary. They did an amazing job. Here is a picture of all of of Clubs CEO Linda LeGerrette, Club Manager Paty Arvizu and our Chavistas.

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