• Cesar Chavez Values

    These are the Ten Values That Guide Our Chavez Club Students.

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    1. Teach Someone

    Service to Others

    Teach Someone is the value of giving someone the ability to help and provide for themselves, rather than giving them gifts and donations.

    2. Sacrifice for Others


    Sacrifice for Others means always giving yourself to your family and your community, even if it means enduring great hardships and difficulties.

    3. Help Someone

    Helping the Most Needy

    Help Someone is the value always finding ways to give support and aid to those people who are lonely, homeless, forgotten, and in most need of our understanding.

    4. Si Se Puede


    Si Se Puede is the value of knowing that through unbreakable willpower, commitment, patience, optimism, and a strong mind, people can overcome any obstacle.

    5. No Violence

    Non Violence

    No Violence is the value of using brave and courageous action, instead of fighting and aggression, to achieve social justice, economic justice and equality.

    6. We Are All Different

    Accepting of All People

    We Are All Different is the value of understanding that all people don’t come from the same culture, background, or history, but diversity can be used to teach, inform, and strengthen communities.

    7. Respect Others

    Respect Life

    Respect for Others is the value of always having a high admiration and reverence for land, people, and all other forms of life.

    8. Be Proud

    Celebrating Life

    Be Proud is the value being able to share pieces of ourselves and our histories through art, song and dance.

    9. Knowledge

    Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is the value of always looking for ways to learn about yourself, your community, and the world, so that you are able to confidently face any battle.

    10. Be Creative


    Be Creative is the value of using the mind first, and actions second, to create strategies and plans that will overcome any challenge.

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