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Chavistas Volunteer for Canyonlands Projects

Learning the Values of Cesar Chavez

"Sacrifice for Others means always giving yourself to your family and your community, even if it means enduring great hardships and difficulties."

Sacrifice for others is one of the ten values of Cesar Chavez that we teach Chavez Club members during our club meetings. When our Chavistas volunteer for community service projects they sacrifice their time away from their friends and families and work hard for the betterment of their community and the environment.

One of our favorite community projects is working with San Diego Canyonlands, a local non-profit whose mission is to promote, protect and restore the natural habitats in San Diego County's canyons and creeks. Many of our Chavez Clubs are located in schools in the City Heights area, which is also home to many of San Diego's most beautiful urban canyons, canyons often filled with trash and in need of restoration and care.

Our Chavez Clubs at Horace Mann and Monroe Clark Middle Schools have been really busy this fall semester helping on restoration projects for the Olivia/47th Street Canyon and Manzanita Canyon in City Heights.

These canyon restoration projects are hard work and "sacrifice" for our Chavistas. Below is a photo of Chavistas Ashley & Devonne who came out on December 16th to help plant native plants in Manzanita Canyon located in City Heights.

Here are a few more photos of our Horace Mann & Monroe Clark Middle School Chavistas at Olivia/47th St. Canyon in City Heights on Saturday, December 17th doing a cleanup and removing invasive plants.

As you can see, community service can be hard work! But it's work that is rewarding and work that teaches the value of sacrifice for your community. This is certainly an important value these young leaders will need to live by to become the leaders of the future.

Si Se Puede!

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