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2020 Chavista Graduation

A bitter-sweet graduation

On June 6, 2020 we had our first-ever Chavista Graduation live via Zoom. Joined by our staff, graduating Chavistas, and special guest, Dolores Huerta, the event was a bitter-sweet moment as we applauded our graduates for all their hard work and wished them well in the next chapter of their lives.

A theme throughout the ceremony was gratitude. Chavistas shared how grateful they were for their experience in the Chavez Clubs and all the knowledge they gained from their peers and Club staff. Staff shared how grateful they were to have had the opportunity to grow with the next generation of leaders. And Club founders, Linda and Carlos, shared how grateful they were to see such a brave, intelligent, outgoing group of young adults ready to share the 10 Chavista Values with the rest of the world.

Graduating to lead in today's movement

"I feel grateful to be living in a time where I can use my voice to amplify the noise and commotion to insist on change, and I never, ever want to take that for granted. I am beyond inspired by individuals like Dolores Huerta."

- Hiyab Misghina, 2020 Chavista Grad

We were joined by our friend, Dolores Huerta, who highlighted the important tasks Chavistas have ahead of them. Dolores encouraged all to carry on Cesar Chavez's legacy in their next journey and unite with peers of different ethnic backgrounds to practice non-violence to dismantle racism, vote and register people to vote so that we have representatives in office who truly care about providing a free, quality education system for all, and fill out the 2020 census to ensure our communities are well served and funded.

We are witnessing a "new movement" of fighting for justice and Dolores reminded all Chavistas that they are more than ready to be the leaders our world needs right now to make our communities better for all.

Spirit of change. Si Se Puede!

"Your success is paving the way for others in the community."

- Jonathan Burgos, Chavez Clubs Staff

The graduation concluded with a strong call-to-action to our Chavista graduates: continue planting the seed for change by becoming a Chavista Mentor and sharing our Cesar Chavez Values beyond San Diego.

Chavistas have proven time and time again that they are up for the challenge. From teach-ins regarding human trafficking, protests to end climate change, and workshops on AB 392 to hold police accountable for their actions, Chavistas have created opportunities so that those who are silenced could be heard.

The legacy continues beyond high school and we are very excited to see their work come to fruition. Si Se Puede!

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