• Chavista Family Relief Fund

    Club Managers have called on Chavistas and their parents asking what help they need during this emergency and the answers have ranged from rent and groceries to being unable to continue their children's education at home. In times of crisis, Cesar would not have stood still. He would have helped those in need.
    We ask you to join us in upholding his values and consider a gift -- of any size -- to support Chavistas and their families in this time of need. The donations raised will provide direct support to our families in need.

  • Chavista Family Relief Fund

    In times like these, Cesar Chavez would strive to help families in need. So, that is what we're doing. Si se puede!

    One of the Chavistas' values is to help others, and during these difficult times in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing what we can to help families in need.


    Chavistas have learned about the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), the science behind social distancing, and most importantly, how the crisis is affecting them and their families. During these sensitive times, they've asked "What Would Cesar Do?" in thinking about how they can help their families and communities make a difference during the crisis, consistent with the 10 Chavista Values.

  • A Message From A Proud Chavista

    Hiyab Misghina, San Diego High Senior, delivers a message about the Chavista Family Relief Fund

    Listen to Hiyab Misghina, San Diego High Senior, talk about why your donations to the Chavista Family Relief Fund are so important.

  • What the Chavista Family Relief Fund Will Support

    These are the most critical items identified by Chavistas and their family members


    Monetary support

    Many families have lost their jobs and are unable to pay rent or groceries. We will provide financial relief for these families to help them make ends meet.


    Critical mentorship

    Mentoring is especially important during times of crisis. We will regularly connect with Chavistas by phone and other virtual means.


    Virtual education

    Due to the stay-at-home mandate, we will continue to offer regularly scheduled programs and meetings to Chavistas virtually.


    Fahadi Jeffers Scholarships

    A portion of the funds raised will be used to provide College Scholarships to graduating Chavista seniors who might not have been able to attend college because of the financial hardships created by the COVID19 crisis..

  • Donate

    All proceeds will support the Chavistas and their families in need during the COVID19 crisis. Read more on our BLOG about how we are doing with the Chavista Relief Fund and how we are already helping our families get through this crisis.

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