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What Happens in A Chavez Club Meeting?

A Quick Look at Our Chavistas Learning

"Knowledge is the value of always looking for ways to learn about yourself, your community, and the world, so that you are able to confidently face any battle."

Another value that we teach in our Chavez Club meetings is the importance of Knowledge and that knowledge is power.

These photos were taken Chavez Club meeting at Edison Elementary taken by the historian, Nicole Nguyen. At most meetings, our Chavistas write and share a journal entry about something important to them. The smiling young man in the photo below is is David Rodriguez, a 5th grader, who is sharing his journal entry. David has been a Chavista since the 3rd grade and has siblings at Wilson Middle School who are Chavistas as well.

We love all of the energy and engagement that our Chavistas show at every meeting. They participate in discussions of current events and always have something to add. Here is a photo of our Edison Chavistas anxious to be recognized to share their ideas and thoughts.

One of the current issues we recently discussed at our Edison Elementary Chavez Club was the deportation of undocumented U.S. Veterans back to Mexico. After learning about this story, our Chavistas wrote letters to these veterans now living in Tijuana to thank them for their service to our country.

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at what happens at one of our Chavez Clubs meetings. It is certainly an after school hour packed with learning and fun for our Chavistas!

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