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2nd Annual Chavez Book Club Expo

By: Ana Ruiz

Chavista Book Clubs Show That Reading Can Be Fun!

Chavez Clubs Book CLub leader, Carmen Quintana, organized the 2nd Annual Chavez Book Club Expo at Castle Park Elementary on Tuesday, May 30th. Carmen's Chavistas displayed their personalized wooden College Crates in which they included their favorite books and the books they read this school year. The books they read are: Baseball in April by Gary Soto and four autobiography sequels by Francisco Jimenez.

Students show off their reading presentations at school fair

During the expo, groups of students and visitors listened to book club Chavistas at stations speak about their crates, favorite books, and what they learn as Chavistas. After their presentations, the visiting students had the opportunity to ask the book Club Chavistas questions such as, "What do you do in the Cesar Chavez book club?" and "Why is reading so important?"

The Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Salas was in attendance to tour the student presentations and hear what they had to say about their reading and their future goals

The Chavistas did a fabulous job of encouraging their fellow classmates to see literacy as a key to success!

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