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    In the 1960's and ‘70’s, hundreds of passionate, idealistic young people became volunteers in the farmworker movement. These hard working volunteers inspired by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Gilbert Padilla and others, played a significant role in building the farmworker movement, and its legacy.


    The legacy continues today in the work of the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs, founded by Linda and Carlos LeGerrette who volunteered for 12 years with the farmworker movement. The “Chavez Clubs,” an after school leadership development program, works with over 1000 elementary, middle and high school students in 37 clubs in San Diego – mostly in low income inner city neighborhoods. Our members, "Chavistas" as they call themselves, learn values like service, sacrifice, social activism, respect and determination as they develop leadership skills to prepare them to become future community leaders.


    Now, individuals like you, your family, and friends have an opportunity to continue the legacy you helped build by becoming a member of the Chavista Leadership Fund. By financially supporting the youth leadership activities of the Chavez Clubs, your donation will continue the legacy while providing valuable lessons for our Chavistas.


    As a member of the Chavista Leadership Fund, we want to keep you informed about our work and about the relationships we are building waitpeople like you who helped to build the Farmworkers Movement. We will periodically send Chavista Fund members short updates of what the movement ‘volunteers’ are doing today, as many keep in touch with us. We’ll also send you stories of our Chavistas and the work they are doing.


    It's easy to become a member of the Chavista Leadership Fund. Simply make a tax deductible donation of $100 or more or make a recurring donation of $10 month or more to support our efforts in building strong, committed and effective future leaders. Click on the Donate buttons on this page to be connected to our PayPal donation page. Thank You!


    Si Se Puede!

    Carlos and Linda LeGerrette


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