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Tom Hayden, Cesar Chavez and Ken Msemaji.

A Bit of San Diego History.

With the passing of Tom Hayden this month, we thought we would share some San Diego history, showing the connections between our Chavez Clubs Board Vice President Ken Msemaji, Cesar Chavez and Tom. Here is a brief article written by Ken about this historic photo showing him walking with Tom and Cesar in San Diego in 1977.

Fahari, Akili, Raquel and I worked with Tom Hayden going back to his run for the U.S. Senate

in 1975, then to CED where I served as Southern Vice-chair, then through our work

founding and building the United Domestic Workers of America, UDW, and his

legislative career.

Some of you may know that Tom organized Domestic Workers in New Jersey in the

1960s.  It didn’t work out in New Jersey but when we at Cesar’s request were 

considering trying  to build a UNION here in California, Tom’s advice and assistance

was invaluable. 

The photo showing Cesar, Tom and myself was taken here in San Diego in May of 1977 at our African Liberation March honoring Malcolm X’s birthday. In fact we were discussing building a Domestic Workers Union as we marched.

The United Domestic Workers of America, UDW, was founded later that year, in

Cesar’s back yard on August 14, 1977. Tom attended our 1st collective bargaining

contract signing celebration in November 1980. As we went on to build and lead

the UDW its first 28 years, Tom was always near-by to help.

Ken Seaton-Msemaji

Founder, 1st UDW President

August 14, 1977 through June 2005

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