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Club President Organizes Phone Bank to Support Measure I - San San Diego High

One of the 10 values taught in the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs is the value of Si Se Puede. Si Se Puede is the value of knowing that through unbreakable willpower, commitment, patience, optimism, and a strong mind, people can overcome any obstacle.

Measure I on the November 2016 ballot is seen as a huge obstacle facing the future education for the students at San Diego High School. Measure I would approve the continued lease of the land for the historic SDHS and ensure that current and future students can continue their education at the school without the disruption of a school closure and relocation.

This is Lillian Shallow, president of Chavez club at San Diego High School. Knowing the value of Si Se Puede, she organized a phone bank for Yes on Measure I. Lillian helped organize 28 students (not all Chavistas), her club advisor, school principal and two parents to come to a supporters office in the evening to call voters.

To learn more about the campaign to save San Diego High visit their website at:

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