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Hoover High Chavistas Organize End-of-Year Social Event

Chavistas from City Heights and South San Diego Schools Celebrate End of School Year

On June 1st, 2019 the Hoover High School Cesar Chavez Service Club organized an end of the year social at The DOJO Café located across from Hoover High on El Cajon Blvd at the International Market.

The Hoover High School Chavistas wanted to plan this event to get together outside of their school and celebrate what they had done throughout the year. Several Hoover Chavistas were able to participate in the Washington DC trip this spring and had an amazing time with Chavistas from other schools. So, the Hoover Chavistas decided it would be a great idea to expand their end of year event invitation to invite Chavistas from all over City Heights, and the south county to get to know each other.

The event was led by Hoover High Schools Chavista President, Margarita Rodriguez. Margarita is now a senior who will be graduating this June and will attend UC Berkeley in the fall. Margarita along with the other Hoover High Chavista officers and the Chavista planning committee got together every Thursday and Friday during lunch in order to put together a successful event. They maintained contact with the Chavistas they meet in Washington DC and with the help of club managers Andrew Sanchez, Ariana Gallegos, and Paty Arvizu they were able to spread the word and flyers for the event.

Overall this was a very fun and successful event with over 30 attendees from Chavez Clubs at San Diego High School, Monroe Clark Middle, Wilson Middle, Euclid Elementary, Zamorano Elementary and of course Hoover. Not only did Chavistas come out and join the fun but some Chavista parents were able to come out and really get to know others involved with the Chavez Clubs. Our Chavistas and their families had a great time eating and conversing with each other, playing games, winning prizes, enjoying the music and dancing. We hope to be able to continue to plan an event like this every year.

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