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Do I Know Someone Who Would Make A Great President of the United States?

Applying the 10 Values Of Cesar Chavez To A Creative Writing Project

Our Chavez Clubs meet each week after school and follow a structured curriculum that helps our Chavistas learn the 10 Values of Cesar Chavez and how to apply those values to their own lives and toward improving their own community. Our curriculum includes projects that include readings, movies and creative writing that allows Chavistas to learn about social issues and how they can become leaders to create a better world for all. For each project, club members make a presentation to their group to share their work which helps to strengthen their public speaking skills and personal confidence.

This semester at Edison Elementary, the Chavistas worked on a creative writing assignment where they chose to write about themselves or someone they know and why that person would make a great President of the United States (POTUS). The purpose of the assignment was to get them to think about the qualities they believe a President should exhibit and an opportunity to showcase themselves or someone they know, while also using the 10 values of the Cesar Chavez Clubs.

All of our Chavistas prepared amazing essays but one club member, Desiree, a 5th grade Chavista who is typically very quiet, blew everyone away with her speech about why her brother would make a great POTUS. The values she sees in her brother would certainly be wonderful to have for a future President.

Take a moment to read Desiree's essay below. Hopefully we will all think about the qualities she sees in her brother and remember them the next time our nation votes for a new President. Let's look for someone like Desiree's brother who she says: "He helps people in needs and cares about people. He always has a positive mind."

Keep up the good work Desiree, with insight like this, you too would make a great POTUS someday!

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