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Chavistas Headed To College!

Seniors from Hoover, Morse and Crawford High Schools Headed Off to Great Colleges but They Will Always be Chavistas!

The Chavez Clubs is always very proud of our Chavistas who graduate and head off to colleges. This years a total of 23 seniors from Hoover, Morse and Crawford High Schools graduated and were accepted into universities and colleges around California and the nation. They will leave us and take their learning experiences from the Chavez Clubs with them but they will always be a part of our family and forever "Chavistas".

Here are our graduation details for the class of 2019.

  • Hoover High School
    • 9 Chavistas will attend SDSU (1) UCLA (1) UCSD (3) UC Berkeley (1) USD (1) UC Davis (1) and Stanford (1)
    • 3 Chavistas will attend Community College, City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges
    • 1 Chavista will serve in the military and then SDSU in the future.
  • Crawford High School
    • 1 Chavista will attend SDSU
    • 1 Chavista will attend UCSD
    • 7 Chavistas will attend City College, Mesa College and Grossmont College
  • Morse High School
    • 2 Chavistas will attend Southwestern College and City College

Here are the happy seniors from Crawford High School.

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