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Chavista Podcast Coming Soon!

Club Members Start Producing Podcast Interviews

Our Chavista students from several Chavez Clubs are collaborating with Club Manager Ariana to produce a series of audio podcasts where Chavistas are interviewing community leaders to discuss social justice issues. The fist podcasts in the series are produced by students from Zamarano Elementary, Fay Elementary, Euclid Elementary and Roosevelt Middle School Chavez Clubs.

Here is a short video featuring our Chavistas talking about this exciting new project. Carlos, who is the President of the Euclid Elementary Chavez Club begins the video and is joined by other Chavistas to explain how they are involved in the Chavista Podcast project.

The Chavista Podcasts will be published on a monthly schedule and the first two will be posted online soon. These first podcasts will feature and interviews with Chavez Clubs Founder, Linda LeGerrette, who talks about how the Clubs were started and how the values of Cesar Chavez are part of every Chavez Club curriculum. The second Podcast will feature an interview about Black History Month with Vernon Sukumu. Also planned are podcasts about Womens Achievement, the life of Cesar Chavez and an interview with the Las Mananitas breakfast honoree, Eliseo Medina.

Here are the students from SDHS who provide the activism for our Podcast! Melena, Eva and Hyhab.

Here’s Mia recoding the introduction for Linda’s Interview.

Here are my Roosevelt students, we record during the last minutes of our class! Eve, Chloe, Mckienze, Viviana and Alex.

Here are Zamorano Students interviewing “Kiki Ochoa” Keynote speaker at the Youth Conference. It’s features in the First Podcast!

Here’s Fikkie, Ximena, and Lidia from Zamorano Elementary during winter break. We visited to studio to get some productions going!

Carlos is from Euclid Elementary interviewing Vernon Sukumu.

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