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A Few Of Our New Chavez Club Officers!

Leaders Step Up For Fall Club Elections

Every fall, each one of our Chavez Clubs conduct elections for officers. Chavistas interested in leading their club meetings file for election and then give speeches to their club abut why they should be elected as on of the club officers. This is a great opportunity for all of our Chavistas to learn about democracy and about leadership. Here are some photos from a few of our clubs.

Newly elected officers at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy, left to right: Maya Moreno (5th grader ​& President), Lulu Yepiz (4th grader & VP), Valeria Avila (5th grader & Secretary-Treasurer), and Audrey Turville (4th grader & Historian).

​Horace Mann Middle School newly elected officers, from left to right: Lilly Palma (president & 8th grader)​, David Robinson (VP & 8th grader), Ashley Nguyen (secretary-treasurer & 8th grader), Tut Puoch (historian & 6th grader).

Newly elected Edison Elementary officers, left to right: President- Ashley Gonzalez, VP- Jennifer Serna, Secretary-Treasurer - Melannie San Gabriel, Historian - Nicole Nguyen. All 5th grade students.

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