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100 Years of Learning

Celebrating 100 Years at Euclid Elementary School

By: Kait Cordua, Club Manager

Earlier this month, Euclid Elementary, the newest elementary school with a Cesar Chavez Service Club, celebrated an important milestone: One Hundred Years of Learning. This special occasion was marked with a morning assembly featuring San Diego City Councilmember, Georgette Gómez. Councilmember Gomez was greeted by Euclid Cesar Chavez Service Club President and Student Council President, Leslye Morales.


In addition to greeting our Councilmember, Leslye led the assembly and gave an address to the students.

Chavista Club members also received "Certificates of Service to Others" to recognize their participation in the Chavez Club. The 2016/17 Even though the 2016 / 2017 school year was Euclid's first full year with a Chavez Club, the Euclid Chavistas were extremely dedicated and attendance and participation was consistently high, with the Euclid Chavistas helping to pilot our Chavista wellness curriculum.

Although Leslye will not be back next year, we are proud to report that she will be beginning middle school in the fall at the prestigious Preuss School at UCSD. Congratulations Leslye, Si Se Puede!

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